Multi-Masking | How Beneficial Really Is It?


What Is Multi-Masking?

It’s pretty self explanatory. It’s just a case of using multiple masks on your face at one time. The purpose is to address all your different facial skin needs at once. I like to apply some of the masks with my fingers and some with an old foundation brush so I can ensure the product goes exactly where I want it!

What Masks Have I Used?

Good Things Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask // This is my favourite face mask at the moment. It’s a light clay mask that leaves my skin looking glowy and healthy, it’s a fantastic quick fix before a night out. It draws out impurities, diminishes redness and removes the the dead skin cells that leave the skin looking dull. I like to use this on my forehead and around my mouth as these are the areas that tend to be quite dull and get neglected when it comes to exfoliation.

Sanctuary 5min Thermal Detox Mask // Similarly to the Good Things mask, this clay mask drawers out the nasties in my skin and helps to clear out my blocked pores. As you massage the product onto the skin it heats up, which is really weird but really nice at the same time. I always focus this mask on my nose, cheeks and chin; the parts of my face that suffers with blackhead and clogged pores.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask // Tea tree is a hero ingredient, it’s antibacterial properties kills spots in their tracks and soothes sad skin. I’ve been using this mask for years, it helped me through my tragic teenage spotty years so I make sure I’ve always got a tub of it lurking at the back of a cupboard for emergencies. This gets smothered in any areas that are struggling with life; my hair line and my jaw line are the main culprits!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask // Another Body Shop fave for when my skin needs some TLC. I only ever buy this in the little sachets as my oily skin doesn’t need a lot, I use this on targeted areas only, if I use it all over my face I end up looking like a grease ball. Not sexy. It’s intensely hydrating and I like to use this around my eyes, and occasionally on my nose in the colder months.

Does It Work?

Well, yes. If like me you have numerous skin concerns on your one little face then it’s a pretty good idea. I have oily patches, dry patches, dull spots…a bit of everything, and using multiple masks at one time helps to treat each issue all at the same time. It’s more time consuming than slathering your face with one mask but the end results are quite satisfying.

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