October Favourites

October: DONE! We are now one month closer to Christmas and I can’t bloody wait. Although this weather is irritating the hell out of my face, hair and diet! Not a lot of faves this month, I’ve had a busy one, no time to shop (apart from Christmas presents of course…I like to be organised!), no time to test out anything new, just a few staple products that have been there for me all month long.

12188983_10153365371728668_2859272092279080378_nMaybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur // I don’t know what it is about this primer but it’s amazing. I bought it ages ago purely because it was new and I wanted to see what it was like, I’m so glad I did. I reach for it when I’m in a rush and I need perking up in the face region. It evens my skin tone out, gives me a natural glow and helps to stop my make up from sliding off my face throughout the day. I don’t have pink undertones in my skin and I assumed this could cause a bit of a clash but it doesn’t seem to be an issue. Unlike other products in this range it isn’t full of silicone and adds another layer of moisture to the skin which is very much needed at this time of year.


Make Up Revolution #LipHug in I Wasn’t Mixed Up // Basically I’m seriously into purple lips at the moment. No it’s not classy. No it doesn’t go with my bright red hair. YOLO. This one in particular has been busted out quite a lot recently, it’s a highly moisturising formula, making it quite sheer. I don’t need to wear a lip liner with this all the time, I can get away with a quick swipe and go. Being so pigmented and such a vibrant colour it lasts longer that any other sheer lipstick I own. I’ve had many a coffee when wearing this and it’s continued to stay put! If you fancy getting one, or any other colour #LipHug they are on sale for £1.50. One pound bloody fifty, bargain!


Make Up Revolution I ❤ Make Up Blushing Heart Candy Queen Of Hearts Blusher // I don’t mean to mention two Make Up Revolution products but after my rather large order two months ago I’ve been putting them all to good use. Not only is this blush absolutely adorable (takes up a lot of space in my blush drawer though) it’s also a dream to use. Being triple baked the powder is tightly compact, making picking up the perfect amount effortless. Depending on what look I’m after, I use each blush individually or just swirl my brush in the box for one shade. All shades have a slight sheen to them, creating a beautiful natural highlight. I find that the product stays put throughout the day with minimal reapplication needed.

Shades swatched left to right from pan


Tea Tree Oil // This particular one is from Holland & Barrett. Without this little bottle of wonder I don’t know what I would have done this past month! The natural antiseptic has worked wonders for all of the evil little spots I have had creep up on me when I was least expecting. I’ve been applying a couple of drops directly to the infected area every night and moisturising thoroughly. Although I’ve had numerous complaints from the boyf that it smells awful I love the strong medicinal smell, convinces me something is working!


Depop // I buy too much and I have an awful habbit of having regular clear outs and giving things away to friends and family. My lovely friend KiBloggs wrote this blog post on making money from clear outs and it inspired me to stop giving things away and start selling them instead. I created a Depop account and so far have successfully sold a few items. I’ve got a range of products, some high end, some high street, and I’m selling everything for under a tenner. I don’t expect to make a fortune but every little helps! Download the app here, take a look at my account and let me know if there’s anything you’re interested in!

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