The Best Eye Cream I’ve Ever Used!


What is it? // Vitamin E Eyes Cube

Where can I get it? // The Body Shop 

How much is it? // £9.00

Why is it so good? // I’ve used countless eye creams and nothing has compared to this. It’s hydrating, gentle and stupidly easy to apply. The cube (although it’s not a cube, it’s a cylinder but we’ll over look that) fits perfectly into the contour of the eye and in one quick motion can be swept round the orbital bone. The balm like consistency quickly sinks into the skin leaving the eye area nourished and glowing. I’ve never been a fan of using eye cream pre-make up but with this one there is no slippage or time taken waiting for the cream to absorb. I’m about half way through this and have had it for around 2 months (if not longer), I started using it twice daily about a month ago and so far have used about half of it. There’s not doubt that I’ll be repurchasing once I’ve ran out.

Is there anything not so great? //No! There is genuinely nothing I do not like about this product. It’s affordable, good value for money, effective and easy to use. The Body Shop have yet again created a fantastic product!

A solid 10/10 from me!

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