The Best Mascara I’ve Ever Used?


What is it? // Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara

Where can I get it? // Boots, Superdrug, LookFantastic, FeelUnique

How much is it? // £9.99

Why is it so good? // The photo does the talking here. As you can see my top lashes are naturally quite short, stumpy and straight and my bottom lashes are quite long and curled under. I don’t particularly struggle with mascara as I believe you can make your lashes look half decent with any mascara if you know what you’re doing, but this product makes it all so easy. It gives instant lift and volume as well as an impressive amount of length. I tend to apply numerous coats, as many as I feel I need on that particular day. My lashes stay looking voluminous and defined all day (for me this is around 12 hours) and the product doesn’t smudge or drastically flake down my cheeks.

Is there anything not so great? // I have two complaints; one being how wet the formula is. I find that the first coat I apply is very wet, making my lashes feel thick and heavy. I tend to wait about 30 seconds before applying a second layer and in this time the formula on my lashes has slightly dried and I can comb through any clumps. So the problem resolves itself really.

My other moan is the packaging. The one pictured is in a ‘limited edition’ packaging, which is only a thin plastic cover over the standard packaging. To me this is a waste of resource! I ended up peeling the plastic off as it started to come away and look scruffy.

So firm 9/10 from me on this one. I am currently on my second tube of this mascara and plan on repurchasing it until something even better comes along!

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