August Favourites


As we slowly creep closer to Autumn I find myself wondering; ‘when did the summer actually make an appearance?’ The weather has been unpredictable resulting in very little enthusiasm towards summer fashion or beauty. All this rain and wind makes me crave parka’s and leather boots, not florals and gladiator sandals! So this month I’ve been loving all sorts of things, beauty, fashion & lifestyle products…

MAC Brush Cleaner // A friend recommended this to me ages ago but I turned my nose up due my general dislike to MAC as a whole. I changed my mind after I discovered lots of my make up brushes were showing signs of wear and tear earlier than they should. I did a little research and from what I discovered I was washing them too frequently. I deep cleaned all of my brushes every 2 weeks, with hot water and an antibacterial hand wash. Although this was keeping my brushes squeaky clean it was also breaking down the bristles and causing them to loose their shape. So I switched to using a brush cleaner after every use and a deep clean once a month. Not only has this saved my brushes but it also saves me loads of time! I squeeze a little brush cleaner onto a cotton pad and swirl my brush around until all the make up is removed. It dries almost instantly and the brushes are good to go again. It cost £12 for 233ml and I bought mine directly from a MAC store. It’s not the cheapest brush cleaner available but it seems to be lasting well and I’ll certainly be repurchasing.

MyFitnessPal // Everywhere I turn someone is on a new diet or cutting certain things out. I on the other hand have zero will power or interest in depriving myself of pizza…or cake. But recently I noticed I was shovelling in more food than usual, so I decided to download MyFitnessPal and make myself aware of what I was eating. It’s a free app that takes about 1 minute to set up. It asks for your height, weight, how active your job is and how much weight you would like to lose. It calculates how many calories you should eat a day and off you go. Each time you have a meal you enter what you ate, either by typing in the name of the food and selecting from the list of pre-loaded options, or by scanning a bar code. It then deducts this from your daily calorie allowance and lets you know how many you have left. My favourite feature is the exercise calculator; by turning on the locations settings on your phone the app calculates how many steps you have taken that day and how many calories you have burnt! There are many more features including a breakdown of what vitamins you have consumed and are lacking, what percentage of your daily food intake has been carbs, proteins and fats and how much weight you can lose if you continue to eat the way you have that day. Useful, informative and something I am keen to keep up!

Moleskine Notebook in Underwater Blue // At work I am an unbelievably organised person, my job depends on it, but my personal life is not so organised. I’m constantly forgetting birthdays, events and how much money I’ve spent! So I decided to treat myself to a lovely Moleskine diary a few months ago. This one is A5 size so fits perfectly in my handbag. It cost £14.50 and comes with a pocket at the back to store receipts/business cards that kind of thing and an elasticated band to keep the pages together. I’ve been using it religiously to plan my life out month by month, writing down important dates, things I need to buy and places I need to be. I’d really recommend going into Moleskine and taking a look at the huge variety of notebooks and personal organisers they do, I was blown away by the Wedding Planners and Address Books, Alice In Wonderland themed journals and Batman notebooks.

*PDI Sani-Cloth Detergent Wipes // Cleaning is not high on my list of things to do when I get home from work but it’s something that needs to be done, and if I can find a way to get things done quickly I will. I’ve used multi-surface wipes for a long time as they will clean just about anything; tables, kitchen work surfaces, head boards, sinks, you name it, they’ll clean it. These Detergent Wipes are great as they are larger than standard wipes resulting in a larger area being cleaned, it also means each wipe lasts a little longer, saving time, money and the environment! You get 60 in a pack which is significantly more than most other brands of cleaning wipes. The can be found on for £2.33.

MAC Sweetie // Now I know I said I’m not a fan of MAC but I have another product of theirs in my favourites this month. This lipstick was one of the items I bought the first time I ever visited a MAC counter. It’s sat amongst my lipstick collection gathering dust for a couple of years and recently it made a reappearance. Sweetie is a Lustre finish meaning it’s sheer but buildable. Applied over a lip liner of a similar shade this lipstick has fantastic staying power and adds sophistication to a bold dark pink lip. Worn alone, it gives off a more mauve colour and wears off evenly. Check out a photo of me here wearing it without a liner.

Statement Necklace // I adore costume jewellery but am reluctant to pay a lot for it as it tends to break and go green quickly! I was reading this blog post by KiBloggs and decided that I would look on Amazon for some cheaper alternatives. I proceeded to search for ‘statement necklaces’ and I was overwhelmed by how many I found. I ended up ordering 3, each from a different seller. This particular one cost 68p + £2.00 delivery, absolutel bargain! I’ve worn it a couple of times, nothing has broken, it seems to be pretty decent quality for the price. I waited around a week for them all to be delivered and would advise anyone who enjoys the odd piece of statement jewellery to have a look!

DISCLAIMER: Items marked * have been kindly sent to me for paid review. All opinions are honest and if I didn’t like something I wouldn’t review it! Everything else was purchased by me.


3 thoughts on “August Favourites

  1. Reblogged this on kibloggs and commented:
    Admittedly she’s given me a free shoutout here… but I love this girl nonetheless! And we should probably take this opportunity to organize cocktails as it’s been a little over 8 months since I last saw here…


  2. I feel like I’ve spent the whole of summer waiting for summer to start too! Can’t believe it’s time for all the August favourites to roll out – where is the year going! Love your notebook, I’m the exact same, work life is perfectly streamed and personal life is a bit like a drawing my 5 year old cousin done haha! Fab post 🙂 x

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