What’s In My Travel Skin Care?

Packing travel skin care is something I find really difficult, I always over pack and over compensate! I’m going away for a couple of short breaks over the next few weeks so wanted to get my travel bag spot on. 

I mentally divide my toiletries into three sections; hair, face and shower. Luckily my new travel friendly cosmetic bag from Tiger has three compartments. I love this nautical looking bag as it’s a lovely strong, rustic feeling fabric. The bag rolls up to a compact size and the hook will be so handy to hang it up from the back of a bathroom door.




Tresemme Salon Finish Extra Hold hairspray // A good strong hold hairspray that is small enough to shove into my weekend bag and handbag if needed. Not my favourite formula but it does the job.

Batisite Dry Shampoo On The Go Original // The Godmother of dry shampoo. It works, it comes in mini versions, it smells lush. What more do I need?

John Masters Organics Lavender Rosemary Shampoo for Normal Hair & John Masters Organics Citrus and Neroli Detangler // These were lurking in my drawer of miniatures, I probably won’t need to wash my hair if I’m going away for less than 5 nights but I’ll take them with me just in case.



Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution // Now I could just decant some Bioderma into a travel container but then I wouldn’t need to keep repurchasing these adorable miniature bottles. Takes my make up off, acts as my first cleanse, tried and tested for years.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser // Ye old faithful. I always have miniature versions of this laying around and they are perfect for taking away. Previously I used this religiously, twice a day, so it’s nice to revert back to something nostalgic.

Avene Sun Care Very High Protection Mineral Cream SPF50+ // Brand spanking new product, slightly nervous to give this a go as I seem to be allergic to all facial SPFs. It’s a very thick consistency and does leave a white residue but I want a high protection now the sun is making a regular appearance.

La Roche Posay Pigmentclar Eyes // My current eye cream, comes in a slim line container so no need to decant. Nourishing, absorbs quickly, seems to keep my eye area well moisturised.

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray // Doubling this up as a spray toner and a facial spritz throughout the day when I overheat. Not tried this one before, I tend to opt for new ones each time I run out of the previous, they are all pretty much the same (water in a can).

(Top to Bottom) Clinique Dramatically Different Moistuising Gel // My facial moisturiser of choice for the last 6 months. For the few days I’m away I’ll use this both in the morning, and at night after my facial oil.

Neogen Glacial Magic Pore Tightener // Another product lurking at the back of my drawer. I didn’t want to bring my current serum with me as it’s in a heavy bottle so I thought I’d decant some of this and see if it’s worth giving a go. It’s water based so is absorbed into the skin instantly.

Dermal 500 Lotion // A soap substitute for allergic skin, I like to keep some of this on hand in case my skin has a freak out to the water/food/products. It also makes a really gentle morning cleanse.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil // Tell me this isn’t the cutest bottle of oil you’ve ever seen?! Another miniature found in my collection, there’s the perfect amount to last both of my trips away. The oil is very thick and feels super nourishing. Can’t see myself reacting to this even though it’s not something I’ve not used before as it’s 100% natural Rosehip seed oil.

Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Glam Balm Lip // I’ve had this for ages and I really like it. Thought I’d bring it with me as it also doubles up as a nice lip gloss.



Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix Body Gel // Taking this with me solely because I enjoy Nip + Fab products and not because of the ridiculous ‘slimming’ claims. Not used this before, this miniature still has the seal on it so we’ll see if it keeps my legs scale free.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Refreshing Bath Shower Gel // I’m a complete shower gel hoarder so I made my choice on which one to take solely on which was the oldest and needed to be used up. I’ll go through this on one trip and can find another one take on my second trip away. This shower gel is bright blue and smells very spa like.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Splash // My only unnecessary item. I’m obsessed with the mojito body splash from The Body Shop and I love spraying it all over myself after a shower and getting into bed smelling like a giant lime, so I’ve decanted it into a teeny tiny spray bottle and written on it so I remember what the strange green liquid is!

Toothbrush protector from Tiger // You never know what kind of particles are floating around in the air at a hotel bathroom so I like to keep my toothbrush as protected as possible but still letting it air dry. This little protector came in a pack of 4 from Tiger and fit my toothbrush perfectly.


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